Words From Dr. Matic 

I attended Southern Illinois School of Dental Medicine in Alton, IL and received my degree in 1995. I have been living with my family in the Nashville area since graduation. I am originally from Chicago but also spent many years on a farm in Wisconsin. I enjoy learning, living life with family, friends and pets, nature and lifting heavy things off the floor.

My special talent is wiggling my ears.

I have learned that the ability to maintain a good level of oral health can become a problem as one ages.

Issues with access to care and guidance, declining dexterity for daily hygiene, dry mouth, high acid or sugar food and drink choices, older dental work, receding gums and ill-fitting or lack of removal and cleansing of the dental prosthetics all contribute to the decline of the oral condition to which I have been witness.

The need for mobile concierge dental care to counter those issues is paramount.


I enjoy my patients and know that I am increasing their quality of life by providing a much-needed service.

I look forward to helping you.



Loretta Matic, DMD